A Collection Of Old School Mack Truck Pictures You Shouldn’t Miss!

1986 R Model Mack Blue Gray with Reefer Trailerr

Mack truck pictures for the fans of the Mack breed of truck!

These trucks have been around for a long, long time.

They have long been known to be a tough, strong working truck.

They are American-made rigs with their early beginnings, at the start of the 20th century and evolved to the modern day bulldog of semis.

Green Older Model Mack Truck Sitting in a Field

The Mack Truck Philosophy

The original philosophy behind the Mack was to build a truck to fulfill the customer’s needs, and also give that customer more then they asked for!

It was around 1932, that the company decided they were in need of a logo.

Someone came up with the idea that these early, vintage semis, resembled a ‘bulldog’.

Thus, the the ‘bulldog’ was adopted as their symbol, and still appears on the hood of every truck they produce.

 Mack Truck Pictures – Gallery

A collection of old school Mack truck pictures from our archives!

1961 B Model Mack Truck Blue Old Mack Truck Restored B61 Mack Truck Hauling Oversized Load 1980s 1986 R Model Mack California Style

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