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The Peterbilt 379 is the epitome of a real big rig!  Just when we thought Peterbilt couldn't improve nor out do themselves with the 359, low and behold, they designed and released the iconic 379 model.

The 379 was clearly aimed at the owner operator market. This long hood ride rose to be THE truck to own by owner operators and small trucking fleets.

It was Peterbilts' top selling model in every year they were built.

There's no doubt, the 379 was once the 'King of the Road'. It was and still is one of the most sought after models of trucks, in the used truck market.

379 Peterbilt Truck 2007

What a shame this fantastic design and model was discontinued.

Features of the Peterbilt 379

  • Air ride steering axle. This option was originally offered, but later discontinued (was in the 359). The movement in the front axle wore out bushings, tires, shocks etc.prematurely. There was also some difficulty in controlling the air pressure to the airbags, so it either rode too choppy or too soft. Recently, Pete brought back this option, after years of working at smoothing it's bugs and glitches.
  • Remote locking systems. The early 379's had remote locking systems with an entire book of options available.
  • Air ride system. The 379 Peterbilt is the best riding truck available, with 3 different air-ride systems, a system where the unit sits of 3 sets of air bags: there's air ride on the axle, under the bunk and cab(Unibilt) and also in the driver's seat.
  • Improved turning radius. In fact, this feature was also superior to it's competition, too.
  • Aluminum cab and bunk. Just like the 359, the cab and bunk was still the lightest on the market. The aluminum hood was very easy to tip, too.
  • Roomy under the hood. Just like the 359, the 379  Peterbilt kept the roomy area under the hood, so any engine and transmission combination would fit.

The 379 was always more expensive to buy than others on the market, but resale was then and still is now, 'tops' in the industry. In fact, even after the company has discontinued the production, the resale on a 379 Peterbilt, is even better now than ever!

Pete 379 Photo Collection

Black & White Pete 379 Custom
Owner Operator Truck Red Peterbilt
1998 Peterbilt Model 379
Pete 379 Custom Rig
Peterbilt 379 Show Truck
Peterbilt 379 Show Truck
Peterbilt Red Gray Big Rig
1998 Peterbilt 379
Blue Peterbilt
Black Peterbilt 379
White Peterbilt - Model 379
2001 White Peterbilt 379
1994 Peterbilt Model 379
1999 Peterbilt 379
1994 Pete 379
2000 Peterbilt Model 379
2004 Peterbilt 379
Pete 379 Model
Purple Peterbilt 379
2007 Peterbilt 379
Pete 379 Shell Super Rigs Show
1995 Peterbilt 379 Model
2000 379 Pete
Green Black Peterbilt 379 Truck
White Pete Shell Super Rigs
Peterbilt Model 379 Rig
Red Peterbilt Truck Shell Super Rigs
1999 Peterbilt 379
1995 Peterbilt 379
2005 Peterbilt 379
peterbilt 379 yellow purple
1988 Peterbilt 379 Model
Pete 379 Red Gray
2003 Pete 379, 305

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