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Mack truck pictures, for the fans of the Mack breed of big rig truck. These trucks have been around for a long, long time. They have long been known to be a tough, strong working big rig.

These American-made rigs had their early beginnings, at the start of the 20th century, and evolved to the modern day bulldog of semis.

The original philosophy behind the Mack, was to build a truck to fulfill the customer's needs, and also give that customer, more then they asked for, too! It was around 1932, that the company decided they were in need of a logo.

Someone came up with the idea that these early, vintage semis, resembled a 'bulldog'.

Thus, the the 'bulldog' was adopted as their symbol, and still appears on the hood of every truck they produce.

Click here to watch a video on those fine old Mack Trucks.

 Mack Truck pictures - Gallery

Enjoy these Mack big rig photos.

Mack pulling Road Trains Trailers
1986 R Model Mack Joey Hooper
1986 Mack Dump Truck
Mack Truck Hauling Oversized Load 1980s
1966 Mack Cabover Red
1986 R Model Mack California Style
Purple Mack Day Cab
1965 B61 Mack Truck
Beautiful Black Mack Truck
Gray Mack Truck
1964 B61 Model Mack Truck
1964 B61 Model Mack Interior View
1962 B Model Mack Green
1952 Mack LTL Model White
Red Mack Super Liner
Yellow Mack Truck Clifford Truck Show
B755 Red Mack Truck
Mack Cabover Green Black
Old Mack Truck Blue
Old Model Mack Truck Vintage Green
Old Mack Truck Green
Big Black Mack Truck Clifford Truck Show 2012
Restored Black Mack Truck Walcott IA
Older Vintage Mack Truck
1959 B61 Model Mack Truck
White Mack Truck
Old Mack Truck Green Vintage
Old Mack Truck Blue
1971 R600 Model Mack Truck
1992 Mack Super Liner Model

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