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Trucking Stories: some true, some not

We do love good trucking stories. They give the truck driver a chance to reminisce, stretch the truth and even have a little fun!

Truckers since way back when, have always loved to tell stories about trucking on their CB radios, when on the road, waiting at the loading dock, and generally when boredom strikes.

There's nothing like a good tall tale or a trucker story to help pass the time.

Because a trucker spends so much time behind the wheel, he has lots and lots of time to think up some pretty good stories.

When one driver tells another driver his story, it's bound to get the 'truth' distorted, even if just a little bit!

Worst Load stories

Topics for Trucker Stories

I won't tell you what you should write about. You are the best judge of what you'd like to say, related to the trucking industry.

Stories can be......

  • passed down from an old-time trucker
  • a story about driving years ago
  • about your driving career
  • an opinion about a current industry issue
  • comments about something trucking related that you'd just plain like to get off your chest
  • a story about your kids and how they miss you when you're on the road
  • about your favorite truck or about a truck that was a 'lemon'
  • or tell about your pet that rides with you in your big rig.

We want happy stories. Sad stories. Funny ones. And crazy stories about trucking!

Maybe things you've learned about trucking as a new trucker or an experienced, seasoned trucker. Or things you wished you'd done just a little differently.

Maybe you know a trucker who does a great job and you'd just like to say thanks for a job well done.

Share your stories and comments about trucking.

Kenworth Trucks and Western Star

Here's a Facebook conversation that has developed from one of the stories, regarding the 'switch' location in trucks..... jump in and make your comments on the story too.

Tell Us Your Trucking Story.

If you're a trucker, you're bound to have a story! I've never met a truck driver who didn't have a story to tell or an opinion!

You can give your name, if you wish, but it isn't necessary. Or just enter your first name. Your call.

Enter a Title for Your Story.

Trucker Stories, Comments and Rants!

Click on the links below to read trucker stories.

The Machine 
I wanted so many times to kill myself, because all I was doing was driving for 24 to 32 to sometimes 45 hours straight. I was trying to make everyone happy. …

A Proud, New Trucker  
I received this letter from a new trucker. I am aware of his identity. He was not afraid to reveal his identity, however after some discussion, I thought …

Over the Highway of Hell 
It was about 18:30 and I pulled out of the Field BC rest stop. There was light snow falling and a mix of nervous anticipation and excitement. I had …

To and From Alaska 
I have driven the Alaska highway many times both directions, sometimes in my personal vehicles and also commercially. I have driven this road, most recently …

Confessions of a Rookie Long Haul Driver 
So I am sitting here on Christmas Eve and reflecting on lots of things. It has been a year filled with change for me and yet in December, I think it culminated …

White Night 
It was a long and cold winter night. I was trucking east bound on the 401 between Toronto and Montreal when i could not keep my eyes open any longer. …

Patience is Still a Virtue 
The other night, I was backing into a depot. The conditions were not great to begin with(that's another rant all it's own about why they can't at least …

Looking for a Trucking Job... I Need a Second Chance 
My name is Larry Kelley, Jr. I'm a 3rd generation truck driver, formally from Los Angeles, CA. I now reside in Byron, GA, where I've purchased a home. …

Truckers: The Guardian Angels of the Highway 
My children and I were coming back from Windsor, Ontario and destined for Kirkland Lake, Ontario. We pulled out of Windsor around 6pm. It is always …

Suicide Jumper! 
This is one of the stories I was told when I was younger about truckers, by my mom. My mother has been a truck driver for about 18 years now. The story …

My First Truck Driving Job 
My first truck driving job. Going back in my memories, a few years, I remembered how I first entered into the trucking industry . First of all, …

Tricks Played on Truckers! 
Once when I went to Georgia, I stopped at a rest area, as I could not make it to my destination. I got so darned tired, I just parked, went to the bathroom, …

Fenders and Chains Don't Mix! 
I know how to get chains on a big rig truck and trailer, but 'duals' with low rider fenders? LOL!! It took me 4 hours to get to the woods where we got …

Chip Hauling 
Just wanted to share a pic of my Freightliner COE. Here in Oregon, we haul wood chips and the trailers load from the top and dump from the rear. …

Dump Truck Tri-axle Switch: Put it Back IN the Truck! 
The D.O.T. has taken to putting the axle switch on the truck, outside the cab so that the drivers can't put the axle up EVER while under load. This …

Just recently, I went down to Evansville,IN to lease on with Atlas. I met a few others that were there to lease on as well. We went to orientation, what …

Story of a Trucker, Part 4 Not rated yet
After the last load, all I wanted to do is forget about it and move on. It only took about a half hour to drop that one and hook up to the next one. I …

Story of a Trucker, Part 3 Not rated yet
My second trainer who went by Ghost Rider..... he wanted to stop and eat before we pulled into Portage. I just wanted to get the hell out of his truck …

Story of a Trucker, Part 2 Not rated yet
On Wednesday July,17 1996 I woke up in a hotel in Gary,IN. I got on a bus out of Joplin,MO at about 1 Monday morning and got into Gary about 3 pm in the …

Story of a Trucker Not rated yet
This series of stories is about my ten years driving a truck. These trucking stories are based on true events although may be hard to believe..... some …

"Bottoming Out?" Not rated yet
Sometime about 1996, I was headed out of Washington D.C., pulling a set of 28' pups for Hecht's Stores (now owned by Macy's). I was on 295 south, about …

Long Haul Driver - Tire Chain Tale Not rated yet
Well, it's been a few weeks and I have been up and down the roads a few times. The nice thing is, I am settling into a bit of a routine and getting to …

Empty home Not rated yet
A driver went up north, about 1500 KM to unload his cargo, came back home, the owner said "you are home fast, what do you haul back?" The answer..."nothing, …

The Blind Leading the Blind! Not rated yet
At a scale house on Eagle Mountain, Tennessee, the scale master ordered me to the side and report in with log books and all paper work. So,I …

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How to Back Up in New York City Traffic! Not rated yet
This incident happened in 1973. Three of us truckers had loads going to JFK Airport on Rag-top trailers. We needed to stop in New Jersey to get a trip …

A Jack-knife Story Not rated yet
I don't remember where I was coming from, but in February of 2005, I was traveling north on Highway 35 in Saskatchewan, on my way to Carrot River. In …

Missed It by THAT Much!  Not rated yet
Here's one of the best trucking stories I know...... About two weeks ago, a very scary thing happened near my house. The big rig truck tried to make …

Drunk Driver Arrest Not rated yet
One day in the fall of 1993, I was traveling south on I-5 in California. I started to see lots of Highway Patrol cars on the on ramps. I was wondering …

Quebec' s Treacherous Road to the North! Not rated yet
Do you know Highway 389 that stretches from Baie-Comeau to Labrador (Wabush)? It is one of the most dangerous roads in Canada . As many as over …

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