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We do love good trucking stories. They give the truck driver a chance to reminisce, stretch the truth and even have a little fun!

Older Model Big Rig Truck

Truckers since way back when, have always loved to tell stories about trucking on their CB radios, when on the road, waiting at the loading dock, and generally when boredom strikes.

There's nothing like a good tall tale or a trucker story to help pass the time.

Because a trucker spends so much time behind the wheel, he has lots and lots of time to think up some pretty good stories.

When one driver tells another driver his story, the truth is bound to get stretched, just a little.

Your Trucking Stories

I Grew Up in a '55 Peterbilt

By Dan Garcia

My dad was a Safeway store driver for 22 years. Our family also owned Denver Pallet Co. Dad bought one of Safeway's 1955 Peterbilt conventionals to do our hauling.

Myself and my younger brother grew up in that tractor. 

Albert and I grew up working like men in the pallet business. Our dad was an old Wyoming cowboy, so being  young, (10 & 8 yrs. old), didn't get us out of work.

We worked 7 days/week in the summer and in the school season, everyday after school and all weekends. We constantly hauled used pallets out of Safeway's Distribution Center to our yard, then repaired them and delivered them to our customers in Colorado and Wyoming. 

My brother and I both learned to drive a truck in this old Peterbilt. That's why I say we grew up in it.  

 This tractor when at Safeway, had a refrigerated  drum on it, which was removed before selling it.

The tractor was equipped with an 220 Cummins engine, 5 x 3 transmission, 255 in. wheel base, (and of course) spring ride suspension. This tractor made a driver out of a guy - DRIVER- powered steering. No air conditioning. The truck was equipped with sanders mounted in front of the forward drive axle...a great safety feature for the driver and the public. (Tractor was used in Safeway's Western Division, which meant a lot of mountain hauling)

What did we like best about our Pete? Watching dad drive it and learning to drive it. It looked great and it was a member of our family.

R.I.P. Dan Garcia Sr.:  Driver for 44 years, 3.5 million miles. 

Thank YOU Smart Trucking for this site.

You're Done! 

By Keith, New Jersey, USA

This story is from my CDL instructor, an ex-trucker.  

He's eating lunch at a truck stop restaurant.  The door opens and a large man stands in the doorway.

"Does anyone here drive for [company]?" he hollers.  

No response.  


Another big guy, sitting at a booth and eating a meal, responds.  "Yeah.  I do."

"You're blocking the lane," says the driver at the entrance.  "Come move your rig."

The man eating ignores him. The man in the doorway lumbers across the room.  Now he's standing over the table.

"I said... you're blocking the lane.  Are you gonna move your truck?"

"Yeah," says the seated guy, looking up.  "I'll move it."  He goes back to his meal.  "...when I'm done."  

For several moments, there was silence in the room.

Then, the standing driver takes his entire forearm and wipes everything off the table.  Plate, cup, utensils, salt & pepper... everything crashes to the floor.

"YOU'RE DONE!" he screams.

It took many men to pull them apart. 

Missed It By THAT Much!

by Austin

Here's one of the best trucking stories I know...... 

About two weeks ago, a very scary thing happened near my house. The big rig truck tried to make it across the railroad tracks, but the trailer jack-knifed a bit and the truck got stuck! 

At the same time the truck was stuck on the tracks, a train was coming along, and I thought for sure the train was going to hit the truck!

But, thank goodness, the train was able to stop really fast, and didn't hit the truck. The train had to stay there for nearly an hour, until the heavy duty tow trucks got there. I don't know why they brought a lowboy trailer?

I was trying to help the trucker before the police and Norfolk Southern officials came. The trucker and I were waving our hands and his orange vest around, to get the train's attention, so it would stop. 

This was a very dangerous situation and it was very fortunate for the truck driver and the train, that the train was able to stop in time. 

More Tall Tales

If you're a trucker, you're bound to have a story to tell. In fact, I've never met a truck driver who didn't have a story to tell.

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