What Every Truck Driver Needs to Know About Liars in Trucking Companies

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Man standing with fingers crossed behind his back and shaking hands with another manEvery professional truck driver needs to know there are liars in trucking companies.

Thankfully, not in all trucking companies. But some.

Unfortunately, more than ever before the trucking industry has become a heartless machine.

It’s sad to say, but there are liars in the trucking industry at all levels.

Liars in Trucking Companies – Those Who Will Say Whatever It Takes

Some companies will do whatever it takes to increase their profit margin.

The existence of dishonest trucking companies is not exactly ‘news’ to drivers who have been in the industry for awhile.

Some companies, in their pursuit of profit, will stoop to almost anything to drive up that profit margin.

In fact, many drivers EXPECT to be lied to.

That is a sad statement.

If you drive professionally for a living, you need to be aware the existence of dishonesty at every level in the trucking hierarchy.

Awareness can prevent you from being drawn into difficult situations.

A trucking company has the ability to ruin you financially. Don’t allow them to do this to you.

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The Recruiters

Recruiters have a bad reputation in trucking. And no wonder. These guys and gals have a long ugly history of making empty promises to new prospective drivers. They’ve been know to say anything, just to get the driver on board.

Recruiters may promise easy runs, the best destinations, a great customer base, shiny new equipment to drive and time off whenever you need it.

They can be master salesmen to sell you a truck driving job and a pay package in such a way, that it truly ‘seems’ like a good paying job.

Only to find out a month or two into a job, that it’s really not a good job after all.

  1. You may find yourself running LTL to the Bronx in an old International that smells like dead fish in the bunk.
  2. You’re pulling an old Fruehauf trailer that’s older than you.
  3. Dispatch tells you to get that freight unloaded at your next drop by hand onto the curve. Apparently the customer doesn’t have a loading dock! (And you’ll be paid duck sh** for your labour.)
  4. Then you receive your first pay check. Your miles are a little on the low side. You start to wonder if the Bronx may be a lot closer than it once was? Hey driver, where’s that great money you were promised?
  5. And where’s that sign on bonus the company promised you? You may as well kiss that bonus goodbye.
  6. You haven’t had a day off in a month. You’re stuck on a run you hate.
  7. The trucking company seems to be just too busy to do anything about your problems.

You my friend were lied to, by the Driver Recruiter!

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The Dispatchers

Dispatcher at Trucking Company working at ComputerDispatchers have a history of being dishonest.

I swear dispatchers have a course entitled, ”How to twist the truth” in their training program.

Years ago, most dispatchers were experienced drivers who actually knew what the job of the professional driver was all about. As a result, they usually treated drivers with the respect they deserved.

Dispatchers now, are often young people who have certification from a community college program. They usually know nothing about trucks, nor have any clue what a truck driver does in his trucking job.

They have a reputation of treating drivers poorly and being dishonest with the drivers.

However, this often rolls down from the powers that be at the trucking company.

The dispatchers are instructed to get the company’s freight delivered. They are told to say and do whatever it takes to get these loads delivered and delivered on time.

Are you getting tired of the lies the dispatcher is feeding you?

What to Do About a Dishonest Dispatcher

  1. Go up the ladder in the trucking company to get your problems fixed.
  2. Go talk to the Operations Manager.

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The Operations Manager

You have an appointment to meet with the Operations Manager.

He greets you in the doorway of his office. He doesn’t invite you in to have a seat and talk.

Maybe you aren’t worthy of his time?

But since you are there anyway, you decide to explain your problems to him.

He responds, “Leave it with me, I’ll look into it”.

This manager will most likely do nothing for you.

Making your life easier as a driver, is not in the best interests of the company. The Operations managers interest is making money for the company.

My friend you’ve just been lied to. Again.

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The Terminal Manager

Terminal manager liars in trucking companies

The Terminal Manager. You can probably write him off your list for getting changes. He is the guy who ‘chops your miles’ on your pay.

A chimpanzee could work PC Miler. PC Miler on YOUR laptop says your last trip to Houston, TX was 1703 miles. Yet, the Terminal Manager’s version of PC Miler, says that same trip to Houston was only 1650 miles.

How can that be?

  • Did all the customers suddenly get closer to the home terminal?
  • Is there a new interstate which you are not aware of, which directly connects your terminal to Houston?

Not very likely. Another pack of lies. Again.

Truck Drivers, Be Aware!

Experienced drivers are well aware of the existence of dishonesty within trucking companies. New drivers need to be aware.

Trucking companies care about money.  It’s business after all.

That is the cold, hard truth of the matter. Some don’t much care about the truck drivers.

They’ll lie to get you on board and then hope you’re too broke to change companies.

Over the years, we’ve noticed most of the liars in trucking companies hold ‘middle management’ positions. Just an observation.

Often the company owners don’t know this is going on. Middle management for some reason, has a bad habit of thinking drivers are stupid.  They tend to treating them accordingly.

If you’re a driver in the trucking industry and you haven’t been lied to yet today, that’s probably because you are still in the bunk of your truck!

If you are fortunate to have a truck driving job with a company WITHOUT liars, stick with it.

There are trucking companies which are honest, treat their drivers well and pay them fairly.

If you know of a trucking company out there, doing right by their drivers, we want to know about them.

We’re happy to promote and give credit to where credit is due for the good guys. Send your info to contact us.

Our message to truckers everywhere: BE AWARE.

Sometimes, there ARE liars in trucking companies.

Research the company first, BEFORE jumping on board.

Jumping blindly into a driving job with the wrong company can ruin you.

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What All Truckers Need to Know About Liars in Trucking Companies

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