Ice Road Trucking Jobs:
Tips for Pursuing a Driving Job
on the Ice Roads

Ice road trucking jobs are the 'latest flavour of the month', when it comes to high paying driver jobs.

Due to the dangerous conditions and the many unique challenges, these risky positions, pay far more than the average professional driving job

In spite of the many hardships of these jobs, many truckers from all over the world, attempt to pursue a driving career on the ice roads....the goal? Make the big bucks during the short season!

The season for this work on the ice roads last for only 2-3 months each year, so it's 'make hay while the sun shines', for the ice road truckers.

There are many risks with this type of work: a rig can break down leaving a driver in the extreme cold, vehicle falling through the ice, over-tired drivers (roads not patrolled for H.O.S.), mechanical problems with rig can result in fewer trips.

ice road trucking jobs pay

These truck drivers can earn a few thousand dollars for every trip they complete, so the goal is to get in as many trips as possible in the brief time period the roads are completely frozen. Earnings for a single season can range from $20,000 - $80,000+.....pretty nice income for a few months of driving!

Work commences near the beginning of January each year and runs for a few months. The rigs on the ice roads deliver supplies needed in the diamond mines.

The trips on the ice roads to the mines range from 225 miles to 250 miles, and take from 2 to 2 1/2 days to complete.

Trucks travel under 20 mph when loaded going to the mines and are able to travel a little faster, when unloaded, coming from the mines.


Most, but not all ice road trucking companies prefer Canadian citizens, due to the fact that it's much easier to hire a Canadian. However, it's possible to obtain seasonal or permanent work permits to be employed.

Only a small number of truckers that chase after ice road trucking jobs, actually secure a job. In fact, it's understood that it's a pretty tight little community, so unless you've been 'referred' or know someone in the business, the ice road companies will toss your application aside.... not a fair practice, but it's reality.

On the bright side, don't be too discouraged.....there's an incredibly high turn over rate, which gives lots of opportunity to try for one of these great ice road job opportunities.

Ice Road Trucking Jobs - Companies

The following companies hire drivers to run the ice roads. Try contacting them directly . A few of the companies have websites with more detailed information.

If you know someone who has been hired in the past by an ice road company, find out as much information from them about the hiring process as you're able.

  • Westcan Bulk Transport 
  • Big Bear Trucking Hay River, NorthWT. Canada  867-JJ2-5420
  • Dickson's Trucking Yellowknife, NorthWT. Canada  867-873-1754
  • Expedite North Yellowknife, NorthWT Canada  867-873-3157
  • Grimshaw Trucking Yellowknife, NorthWT. Canada.  867-873-4548
  • Heron's Trucking Fort Smith, NWT  867-872-2582
  • Island Valley Oil Ltd (Esso) Norman Wells, NWT 867-587-2587
  • K and D Contracting NWT Canada X0E 0A0 Phone# 867-978-2792
  • Liard Valley Trucking Fort Liard, NWT Canada 867-770-4432
  • Moore Trucking Yellowknife, NWT. Canada  867-444-6327
  • TLI CHO Landtra Transport Yellowknife, NWT. Canada
    Note: Landro emphasizes on their website to submit an application for an ice road trucking job for October 1st, and not before.

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