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As we roll into our 4th year, Smart Trucking has drawn the attention of thousands of truckers, both company drivers and owner operators alike, as well as trucking company owners, vendors and other folks who live and breathe trucking, as we do. 

You'll notice there's something about us, that sets us apart from the others websites and sources of information for the trucker.

At Smart Trucking, we have that OLD SCHOOL attitude.

After all, it was the old school ways that laid the foundation for this industry in it's humble beginnings. 

Trust, honesty, integrity, pride and hard work, were the prime elements that laid the ground work for trucking, back in the day.

The old school ways were simple and well defined.

We believe in upholding these elements, as they are the qualities of a true professional trucker, old school, if you will.  They are also the qualities that will strengthen the bond between professional drivers.

Needlenose Kenworth Long Hood Orange Peterbilt 359 Star Van

At Smart Trucking......

  • We promote unity among truck drivers of North America and the rest of the world: the camaraderie and brotherhood of the trucker nation.
  • We suggest ways for truckers to best cope and roll with changes. We realize some of the changes in the industry cannot be stopped.
  • We're not afraid to step up to the plate and challenge those rules and regs that cross the line of the trucker's rights to make an honest living, with fair pay. We say what we think. We don't accept everything that the authorities throw at us.
  • We are of the belief that a trucking job is an honorable profession.
1985 Kenworth K100 Cabover Rig
1980 Kenworth W900A Light Blue
1968 Kenworth W900A Model
1962 B Model Mack

What's Our Mission?

To share our passion for trucking, and support the trucker, by passing on info, advice, tips and give our honest opinions on trucking related interests and issues, based on facts and our 30+ years experience in the industry.

We believe trucking will not only survive, but will thrive, if truckers uphold and live by the old school ways.

We welcome your comments, photos and opinions. After all, this website is for YOU.

FROM THE DRIVER'S SEAT -- A video series narrated by a 35+ veteran truck driver.

This series of videos features...

--  Step by step driver skills for new truckers

-- Straight to the point video editorials on such topics as..... ELECTRONIC LOG BOOKS, THE TRUCKER SHORTAGE, LCV'S, OWNER OPERATORS TIPS, AND MORE.


What's HOT On Our Site

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Photo Galleries -- The hottest section on our website is by far our photo collections of big rigs of all makes and models, from our archives, from our truck show visits and trucker submissions. We feature cabovers, Macks, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Freightliner, Western Star International, Volvo, custom semi show trucks, older model rigs, classic models, restored big rigs, vintage models and much more.

Lady Truck Driver Alberta Canada

Lady Truckers --  Move over boys! An increasing number of the ladies are taking up a driving career, and getting behind the wheel. However, they are faced with their share of  challenges, in what has traditionally been a male-dominated industry. Read the stories by female truck drivers: their trials, tribulations and successes.

Peterbilt 379 Big Rig Truck Clifford Truck Show

For New & Experienced Drivers --  Licensing and training, driver pay issues, safety, relationships, driver shortage, electronic log book issues, professionalism, trucking company reviews, driver health, team driving, DOT inspections and more.

Freightliner Cabover Big Rig Royal Blue

Cabovers -- The industry comes full circle and the cabover returns! These old school big rigs are making a strong comeback as working-class trucks and for customized for show. They are gaining tremendous momentum and popularity with truckers in the past number of years. We feature cabover photos, including rare pics and articles.

1944 Old Kenworth Big Rig Truck

Driver Forums --  The forums are the newest feature on our website. Drop in and browse the latest topics and discussions on everything from big rigs, driver jobs, driver training schools and hot button current industry issues. If you don't see something that interests you, start a new topic. Be sure to register and jump right into the conversation! A great way to socialize and meet other truckers.

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2009 Peterbilt 389 Custom Glider Kit

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