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Kenworth Trucks:
Class, Style and Reliability
for the long haul

Kenworth trucks... whether a working truck or just for the show truck circuit,  these big rigs area quality product, all the way!

 They maintain a panel of professional drivers who provide regular input regarding performance and design aspects of their trucks.

This helps the company to have more accurate knowledge of the truck owner’s needs, and therefore, results in a better product.....they build what the trucker needs and wants.

This Class 8 rig is built to stay on the road for long periods without breakdowns which are related to maintenance issues…..very important to owner operators and fleet owners alike. It's a long haul truck all the way!

1994 Kenworth Truck W900 model

These rigs are available in the traditional long hood style, the timeless classic Kenworth W900 and several other models, depending upon the application, including the more aerodynamic design, like the T700.

They are available with a wide range of specs, with both Paccar and Cummins engines available.

Kenworth trucks are a favorite of owner operators. They are well-made, solid and can be customized to suit.

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Old 1960's Kenworth  Not rated yet
In the early 60's, my dad drove a beautiful old 1960's Kenworth , for Cosper Trucking. They hauled Coors beer from Golden,CO to the west coast and hauled …

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